Lots of songs for kids of all ages.

Songs have the power to impact upon every area of the child's development.

Have fun with these songs -  use them in every day activities, use them in the car, sing one when your child is tired, change the words to relate to your child, rock to them, clap to them, dance to them, make shakers and shake to them. Children will remember them always. After all don't you remember some of the rhymes and songs you were sung when you were small. Maybe some of them are here:

Animal songs and rhymes including songs about a fly, the bear, the frog, a  kookaburra, a turtle, dinosaurs, ducks, monkeys, pigs, caterpillars,  spiders.

Beach and sea songs.

Maori Songs, French, Irish and Scottish etc

Number songs 1 to 10  - you will find them all here.

Nursery Rhymes from Diddle diddle dumpling to Wee Willie Winkie.

Transport songs and rhymes has the plane, bus, train, tractor and boat.

Miscellaneous - weather, leaves, tea pots, sleeping and other craziness.

Benefits of songs for children


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