Beach and sea songs

Digging, digging with my spade,              see the great big hole I've made             

I can build a castle high,                         right up to the bright blue sky. 

I take my shovel and I dig, dig, dig,        dig, dig, dig, I dig, dig, dig,

I take my shovel and I dig, dig, dig,         I dig, dig all day long.

Here is the sea, the wavy sea,

here is a boat and here is me. 

And little fishes, way down below,

wiggle their tails and away they go.

Teddy bear, teddy bear you're at the sea,                                                          Teddy bear, teddy bear dig with  me.     Teddy bear, teddy bear come for a swim,                                                        Teddy bear, teddy bear let's jump in.

I built three sancastles up to the sky, higher, higher, ever so high.                   Along came a wave from the bustling sea, down went my castles...


Little shell, Little shell tell me about the ocean,                                                        Little shell, Little shell tell me about the sea,                                                            Where have you been?                              Where is your home?                                Little shell, Little shell that the waves brought to me.

Here is a shell, it's pink inside,                 That is where a crab would  hide.            Hold it close up to your ear,                    listen it's the sea you hear.

 Once upon a sunny day,                         Five small crabs came out to play,          But when a seagull came to stay,            All those crabs just hid away.

Five little fishes all in a row, 

Five little fishes go go go, 

Five little fishes swim in the sea,

Five little fishes as you can see.


Little fish, little fish, goes out to play,

Wiggles his fins and swims away. 

He swims and swims in the water bright,

Opens his mouth and takes a bite. 

Mmm, Mmm, tastes good.


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